Monday, March 26, 2018

SembMarine - Watching and Trading 1-1

Conducted a 1-1 earlier and the above is not my trade record. The market was unusually tough today as the market gap down again and many banking stocks were jammed. I was watching for some good stocks with a client whom engaged me for the 1-1 and he traded Sembmarine with 150 lots when I showed him how the stock remained strong in the morning, and then disappeared in the Top Volume and moved back up with speed to the Top Volume with huge amount of big buyers. The entry was not very good but he said he prefer swing trade so it's ok. We could be faster but some other counters swayed our attention which he took a little higher. Well, after he longed, the stock still outperformed when more big buyers whacked in at $2.20 with 984 lots. Good work! $5300 in less than an hour is a good job!

Will be sharing and giving out more trading strategies and scanning stocks methodology during my talk next Tuesday, April 3rd.

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