Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SembMarine - Locked in Profits at Peak

Sembmarine gap up today and it shot up to a high of 2.29. The market was indeed strong last evening as it closed +700 points which caused this huge gap. At the peak while Sembmarine was trying to move higher, I noticed some hidden selling and that's where all my mirror team started to lock in profits at about 9:01am when something doesn't felt right. The stock then suffered some selling and it's now trading at 2.23/2.24.

Look at SembMarine it's slowly coming down and the sellers were pilling up. The whole market was buoyant in the morning but only got washed off by some short term sellers at the moment. I am extremely pleased to be able to picked Sembmarine yesterday morning BEFORE the market rebounded in the afternoon where the Dow was down like -450 points on last Friday. Today I am equally pleased to be able to get many who swung Sembmarine to sold at the peak before we witnessed this short term selling now. Congrats all..

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