Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hi-P - Traded 30 Lots

Hi-P after lunch continued to run like a mad horse. I think some good news might be coming out soon but luckily I was able to saw this counter earlier at 10.20am. Longed 30 lots at 2.51 when the stock was in collection mode about to break out and the next few minutes, the stock broke out big time with speed and volume as recorded in the minute chart. It then took a small simmer first, went into another collection mode and broke out to a high of 2.63.

The buy/sell Q before it ran played such an important role to spot such bullish setup. The buy q was 13 then to 30 and then sell q was 76 lots before one bite and the rest was history. In profits now with $3600. Looking to the next trade.

Hi-P just broke out even higher and reached a high of 2.75!!

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