Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cosco - Gap Down Today

Cosco gap down today to a low of 0.475/0.48 and indeed from my analysis yesterday per my blog post, the downside has a little more to go before we see a rebound. At 0.495, I alerted a small down side, at market closed, it closed low at 0.485 and today 0.475 as the stock slowly inched away from the peak at 0.535.


As I also predicted a rebound after a little more downside, Cosco indeed rebounded a little as of now. From morning 0.475 to now 0.49, I am pleased that my student covered his 500 lots at bottom before the stock turned up.

Update: 20/3/2018, 1:35pm

Cosco just turned another 2 pips higher at 0.50 as expected. The stock indeed went down just one pip lower than yesterday's closing and turned up! Buyers flocked in.

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