Thursday, March 8, 2018

Yoma - Top Volume 2nd Day

Was watching this stock call Yoma as it was in the top volume for the 2nd day after a long time which meant that something is brewing internally. The stock wasn't in play for a long time and suddenly started to attract many buyers at the bottom which could be that some good news is coming. I went to check and saw the good news that they released. Click on the link below to read. It seems like the stock has some more mini upside but it's a very slow and steady stock.

The market also rebounded yesterday from the panic and scary sell down yesterday. At 8:58am before the market starts, I have already made my forward prescient prediction that it would rebound and it indeed is rebounding as of now. As for how far it would rebound, I don't know but I know the market haven't stabilized yet.

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