Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SembMarine - More Sellers Today

SembMarine announced some good news today that they won some big contracts. Click the below link to read more on the news.

The news was good for the company but bad for the stock price as the stock plummet down more with more heavy sellers. Skillfully, we managed to buy before the news and sold at the peak yesterday before this current sell down happen as we witnessed now.

I believe the price on Monday has already ran ahead of this anticipated news and because the Dow was up 700 points on Monday evening, the BBs used this 700 points as an alibi to lock in profits yesterday since the stock gap up so heavily. I will share more on how to spot these movements during my private event soon. It's important to learn as the market is super volatile, the only strategy now is short term trading and no other thing will work.

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