Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SembMarine - Profits As Stock Rose Steadily

Sembmarine continues to climb the stock continued to show strength where it hit a high of $2.24 yesterday. Suddenly wave of more big buyers flocked in and the stock price just continued to rocket. Earlier yesterday I conducted a 1-1 with one of my client and he's now up with $8000. Some of my other student went to long 20 lots at $2.21 but still make $ as the stock ran. With the Dow closed +700 points, I think there is a chance for higher prices later.


Everyone congratulated him because he took up 150 lots yesterday and the stock ran within intraday. I studied the time and sales for Sembmarine carefully and I witnessed the buyers were relentless in their buying as it's was a momentum followed through instead of one or two big buyers which could be powerful. Today we shall see if Sembmarine can continue to lead the way for those who long yesterday so as to reap in more profits. Congrats on your $8000 unrealized profits intraday!

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