Monday, March 26, 2018

SembMarine - One Big Bite, 984 Lots

Traded 130 Lots of Sembmarine @ $2.20 - $2.21 earlier when I saw that there was one super big bite at 10.27am in the morning with 984 lots also at $2.20. It tells you that the support is almost there as the big buyer was willing to absorb so much shares at higher price. Sembmarine was unusually strong the past 2 days since last week but due to the volatility and bad market conditions, it's hard to buy the stock even when oil prices are trending higher.

I was focusing in the market today especially when there are so many entry points for Sembmarine presenting itself in a clear fashion. The stock continue to exude strong behavior and it looks like a big news is coming in the pipeline as after lunch, Sembmarine continue it's run to the previous high that was recorded in the morning. Watching it closely.

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