Friday, June 22, 2018

Yangzijiang - Traded 620 Lots

Traded 620 Lots of Yangzijiang earlier when the stock was on the way up. Because I made an earlier post about STI reaching the critical demand zone, I knew some stocks would run and hence I selected Yzj as the stock for an intraday trade.

A lot of stocks ran since then, from Hi-P, Ezion, Noble, Rowsley, SPH and many other started to record rising prices but I avoided the banks today as it doesn't look good. There were many good stocks ran but the banks went cold and got sold down instead. So if the market is bullish, why did the banks got sold down then? I will share more on my Tuesday's "Big Boys Chart Reading" talk.

Yzj was at the demand zone, but these 2 days there were quite a number of buying activities which gave a critical clue that the buyers were stronger than sellers which alerted my system to long this counter. In the $ the first round in Yzj and now second round. Looking forward to Monday's action.

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