Monday, August 13, 2018

Singapore Straits Times Index - Lacked of Supporters

The market is breaking down and even when STI is reaching some near term demand zone, I still see some lacked of support and supporters buying and supporting the stock. I am not sure if the market has room to go down further but with all the bad news and global chaos, one has to be careful when trading and look to cut loss fast when things go wrong. I myself have cut some loss personally and now most of the stock which I cut loss is tanking.

Study the Top volume and you will see stocks are trying to run but because of the market conditions, it has to sell down first. There are many good potential stocks wanting to run further but was also hampered by sellers and resistance of the stall bulls. Until the good healthy real buyers emerge, it's wise not to long this market because the low can go lower. It's a patient game now and patiently waiting for the right timing for opportunities.

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