Tuesday, August 21, 2018

AEM - Smart Money Movements, Another 5% Up

AEM ran as posted on my Instagram yesterday and this morning on my blog. The price and direction and the outlook was all spot on with what I analyzed all came true. Click below to see my morning outlook.


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As predicted, the opening price at 8:50am was 1.0 and opening was 1.01!! The stock indeed ran up another 5% to the right direction. See all my below screenshots where I captured the moment how it ran!

Pretty impressive right? From last night's homework on Instagram to this morning BEFORE market opened outlook all came true! How do I know and how did I made such predictions? I will reveal more on my Tuesday Aug 28th talk on how to read smart money mind and movements before market starts. Follow me on Instagram to learn more. Register below to come for my exclusive talk on Aug 28th next week!


Eventbrite - Register for Ron K Smart Money Strategy Talk

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