Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Private Sharing Session - Nights Out Giving Back

Last evening was a long sharing session as I did 3 rounds of sharing before I called it a day. First off I shared about Singapore stocks and how tricky this market can be and how tough it is to predict a 60+ points gain in the market yesterday. Secondly, I shared how my student just made $73,000 trading Facebook by shorting the stock when the earnings was bad.

Finally, after everyone left, I did a small group sharing on US stock trading and learning session on how to use the volume to aid in searching the best US stocks for investments and how to grow small $ to good sizable amount in the short period of time. I was pleased that all my inner circle members came and learnt something together LIVE where everyone took back some knowledge and skills for their next trade. Looking forward to conduct the next inner circle event again.

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