Friday, August 10, 2018

Dow Jones - Shorting the Plunge, One Shot One Kill

Records were pouring in one by one as we shorted the Dow earlier when I gave my outlook to my Dow Jones team at 8:41pm before the Dow started trading LIVE at 9:30pm. I was bearish on the Dow and shared with my team the outlook but more importantly, during the afternoon private sharing session, I shared my bearish outlook too as you can see from the screenshot that I was talking about the sell down in Dow today.

In fact, way earlier in the morning, before the Singapore market opened at 9am, I started to pen down my bearish outlook in the private forum at 8:57am and indeed, the market went selling like hot cakes till now!! I was pleased to see superb profits in like 45-53 minutes of trading the Dow with just one trade and everyone made $. I call this the one shot one kill strategy which is to take one trades instead of multiples. Click and register for my seminar on the below link next Tuesday where I will share more with you the strategies on how to trade stocks and indices effectively.

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The Dow Jones had huge profit takings, the chart was also exuding signs of selling down and hidden selling before it gave way and collapsed. As you can see most took actions and shorted where profits were made very quickly in the shortest amount of time. It's a great way to sleep with the profits and start the weekend with some good positive vibes. We may not trade everyday but the moment the signals are the clearest, there is no need need to keep shooting the bullets but just pull the trigger once will do. I am very pleased to see profits from my Dow team which gave them confidence and myself to do the next trade with accuracy.

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The rest were just trade records after records of winnings. I can see the hungriness and willingness to try new things in trading when the Singapore market is unusually strange and tough. I don't need everyone to make $1000-$2000 every night but if I am able to predict good setups and send mt outlook, just trade 1.5-2 times bigger will do. One shot one kill and don't do it so often as it's prone to error. Congrats everyone and see you guys soon!!

Eventbrite - Register for Secrets to Market Depth and Times & Sales

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