Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Top Volume - Looking For Clues

The market is some what mix. After some recovery yesterday most of the stock started to simmer off today. Hi-P after hitting a peak, it reacted now and taking a small breather. Same goes for AEM and the banks. The market to me is not bearish but I do expect some short term reactions but I am not sure why there was a recovery. Hence, I studied the Top Volume and looked out for clues and I found something peculiar which alerted me to watch first but be very vigilant as something major is about to happen. The SG market has been pretty erratic and tough for the past 2 weeks and I am not sure how long it can last, hence I believe the best way is to find good/bad stocks and look for swing trades.

Even just when I thought Wilmar was ready to take a flight, it started to simmer off big time too. Luckily, I unloaded near the peak even though the profits wasn't that great but still better than suffering reactions now. Click below link to see.


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