Thursday, September 5, 2019

Yangzijiang - You Need to See This

So yesterday I alerted everyone to watch Yangzijiang since the stock was bullish and there might be another wave of buyers. Today earlier in the morning, the stock ran and shot up to 0.98 before calling it a day and simmer off to 0.96. Sold 100 lots at 0.98 when the stock was rising with the volume. I saw some hidden selling where the big players selling before the profit taking too place. If you have read my blog post yesterday and dare to try with me, you probably got in at 0.945 and sold earlier with profits took. I entered a little later as I had also some other traders running.

So what happened and what did you see? Yangzijiang was in Top Volume while the stock was rising fiercely with many tranche eaten up. Suddenly, as the market started to pull back with the banks having a fake breakout, I took notice and started to unload all my 100 lots at 0.98 before Yangzijiang is now trading at 0.96. It's exhilarating as the stock was exciting and the chart was easy to read the BBs movements. Congrats all who took the trade with me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist