Tuesday, August 15, 2017

LIVE Coaching with Ronald K - Market Outlook @ 8:21am

I posted an important market outlook in the morning. I expect the STI to open green and turn up first before encountering some selling. Indeed, the STI as of now is encountering some selling with a fake breakout in the morning first. After I made my early morning post at 8:21am, I went on to coach some participants to watch the Top Volume with me and guide them on how to scan and pick good stocks for trading. Today we avoided penny stocks but we looked more in depth into the blue chips and mid caps.

The Top Volume coaching was an eye opener but the more important thing is everybody who came today learnt something very useful and powerful without seeing much charts. I commented a stock from 9am to 10am and the stock act exactly on how I predicted just like Q&M Dental. Looking forward to coach more participants.


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