Thursday, August 3, 2017

Starburst - Good News in the Making?

On June 26th, I formed my bullish analysis in Starburst when the price was 0.365/0.37. I wrote a paragraph about why I thought this counter has room for growth. Click below and read.

As I rechecked Starburst today, the price already hit a high of 0.415. The stock was indeed slow for mid term swing as highlighted in my June 26th post and I still believe for now, the future continue to look bright for this company. In fact, on June 20th 2017, I sent a bullish Whatsapp alert to my Special Ops and we bought at @ 0.375 and thereafter the stock dip a little to 0.36 where we held on as it haven't triggered the cut loss yet. Congrats everyone!

For those who are interested to follow me in the next stock for a stock alerts, you can add me to instagram and I will post when the stock is about to turn.

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