Thursday, August 10, 2017

Yzj Shipping - Shorted 100 Lots, $3000 Profits

Yzj Shipping had an earlier breakout and suddenly all of a sudden, the stock simmered down with so much buyers. From 1.64 high to now trading at 1.595, the sellers were indeed strong. Shorted 100 lots at 1.625 and it's currently in the profits of $3000. Congrats to those senior students who took action themselves based on what I taught them in my course. Although did not catch the run, but still there is some consolation prizes. Moving and rotating to the next stock.

I love short term trading with precision because it gives me thrill and expense $ which is good for everyday training. As for building wealth and investments, it's a longer horizon and longer view which takes a longer timeframe with one needing the skill and confidence to pick and right stocks and pump your $ in. Interested to learn short term trading from me? See you in my next Tuesday talk. :)

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