Monday, August 14, 2017

MM2 Asia - Profits Rose 30%

MM2 Asia just released that they will be expecting profits for the company with 30% rise. Click and read the below news.

Suddenly the stock went halt and price rose a little more after hitting my first short term target last week as predicted.

In fact, when the first time I made prediction after the GV deal was lapsed, I managed to spot the bottom at 0.4-0.42 when eventually, MM2 hit a bottom of 0.415 before rebounding higher to a high of 0.49.

Now, the stock suddenly went halt and no one can trade this counter for the moment. Is something larger brewing in the company or more good news is about to released for this stock? This stock had been easy to make prediction and I will be sharing more on MM2 during my preview tomorrow.

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