Sunday, August 13, 2017

Starburst - Good Results, 1 Lot Marker

Starburst just released some positive news after market closed on Friday. They are finally back into black with profits for the company. On Aug 3rd this month, I made a prediction that Starburst would have some good news in the making and indeed it materialized on Friday! Click and see my Aug 3rd post.

I am more happy that the Whatsapp I sent out on June 20th on Starburst was spot on. Congrats to everyone who made $$. I checked back the time and sales last Friday. For the whole day the stock did not experienced any 1 lot marking until at 13:47.41 pm where the marker starts and the news from there on was about to released. The buyers started to pile and bought up the shares ahead of the news. Lets's see what lies for Starburst tomorrow. Happy weekend. :)

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