Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rowsley - Profits Up $82,500

Rowsley closed at 0.121 yesterday and now with $$82,000+ with 6 million shares worth on an average price of 0.10752 including commission if I did not lock in profits earlier. :( In fact, I posted Rowsley on it's readiness and bullishness before the breakout on my personal private blog when it was having it's collections so that everyone got an opportunity to go long. I shared with everyone that it's going to run soon and it indeed performed yesterday with a 15.4% gain in 1 day as the best stock performer after my Tuesday's pick in Spackman as the best stock. Please click and read.

It's a good feeling to wake up in the morning and know the stock ran especially when you can time your trades perfectly in that trading range, avoiding all the whipsaw and then profit out of it. It's a even better feeling to coach another group of traders later at 9am to share my philosophy and observation skills so that they can do it themselves in future. I can't wait to also do LIVE Trading and share how I spot Rowsley and it's readiness before it started moving. When one guy see you trade, it's no fun and no kick, but when the whole group see how you plan, watch and then execute, it's convincing and thrilling as the stock starts to take stride to move upwards. Seeing is believing. :)

If you ask me personally if I prefer to teach or trade, I would prefer trading over teaching because trading can make huge $$ in the shortest amount of time. But due to super high demand and oversubscription for my Nov 25-26 Stock Operation Course where everyone wants to know how I time it carefully with the BBs, I will have to supply the demand to teach. For those who are coming for my Nov course, it shall be my last for the year, do take note.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist